Below is a short list of my selected publications on research topics I focused in the recent years, more specifically on (1) Privacy Preserving Information Retrieval (Textual and Visual information), (2) Efficient Data Mining and (3) Social network Construction Methods as well as on (4) Gamification in Crowdsourcing. For some main research works demonstration papers were also published. The whole list of currently around 40 publications, available at DBLP and Google Scholar included research on Semantic Web, Social Media, Topic Modelling, Machine Learning and Visual Analytics, Privacy Preserving P2P, Citizen Science and Collaborative Research Infrastructures (E-Learning and Social Sciences). The most complete publication list is available at my Bibsonomy profile.

Selected Publications:

Sergej Zerr: Datenschutzorientierte Analyse, Indizierung und Suche von Dokumenten in Sozialen InternetanwendungenAusgezeichnete Informatikdissertationen2015: 369-378 PDF

Qiong Bu, Elena Simperl, Sergej Zerr, Yunjia Li: Using microtasks to crowdsource DBpedia entity classification: A study in workflow design. To appear in Semantic Web Journal 2018: 17 pages. Perview

Neal Reeves, Ramine Tinati, Sergej Zerr, Max Van Kleek, Elena Simperl: From Crowd to Community: A Survey of Online Community Features in Citizen Science ProjectsCSCW 2017: 2137-2152 (PDF available from the University of Southampton Institutional Repository)

Markus Rokicki, Sergej Zerr, Stefan Siersdorfer: Just in Time: Controlling Temporal Performance in Crowdsourcing CompetitionsWWW 2016: 817-827 (PDF available from the www 2016 proceedings repository)

Stefan Siersdorfer, Philipp Kemkes, Hanno Ackermann, Sergej Zerr: Who With Whom And How?: Extracting Large Social Networks Using Search EnginesCIKM 2015: 1491-1500 (PDF available from ArchivX also,  Demo published at SIGIR 2016)

Markus Rokicki, Sergej Zerr, Stefan Siersdorfer: Groupsourcing: Team Competition Designs for CrowdsourcingWWW 2015: 906-915 (PDF available from the WWW 2015 proceedings repository)

Markus Rokicki, Sergiu Chelaru, Sergej Zerr, Stefan Siersdorfer: Competitive Game Designs for Improving the Cost Effectiveness of Crowdsourcing. CIKM 2014: 1469-1478 (PDF)

Fan Deng, Stefan Siersdorfer, Sergej Zerr: Efficient jaccard-based diversity analysis of large document collections. CIKM 2012: 1402-1411 (PDF,  Slides )

Sergej Zerr, Stefan Siersdorfer, Jonathon S. Hare, Elena Demidova: Privacy-aware image classification and searchSIGIR 2012: 35-44 (PDF also, Demo published at CIKM 2012)

Other Journal Publications:

Gabriele Herrmann-Krotz, Sergej Zerr, Philipp Kärger: Privatsphäre im Internet – es gibt sie wirklich! Uni-Magazin, Leibniz Universität Hannover (2010): 68-71 (PDF)