Beautiful GANTT chart for project proposals (tutorial)

One thing a good (EUu, European, BMBF, BMWi, DFG, H2020, etc) scientific proposal should have, is a GANTT chart that gives an overview over workpackages, tasks and deliverables over time. It can be quite complex and putting everything together in a nice way is typically a masterpiece. What can it look like:
Beautiful PROJECT Gantt.svg

Here, I provide a template in Google Sheets and some steps to simplify the work and obtain a beautiful GANTT chart as vector graphics that you can insert into MSWord or LateX written proposals.

  1. Make a copy of the following template:
    The Template is quite complex, showing different solution for different problems (how to put deliverables, how to deal with multilines etc.)
  2. Change the template, download your document as PDF: set “Fit to page” and “Narrow margins”:
    download      settings
  3. Install Inkscrape. A great software available for Linux, Windows and Mac, as it should be!
  4. Open your pdf document with Inkscape, select Poppler/Cairo option.
  5. cut out useless margins:
  6. Save as *.emf for MSWord, or *.svg/*.tex for LateX
  7. Enjoy the chart and drop some lines here about how it worked!

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